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With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry we dedicate our total energy to your affair. We focus on making sure all of our events are a success. An invaluable asset to assure you a memorable occasion, your DJ will do much more than just play music.

We include thousands of parties from weddings, birthdays, reunions, anniversary parties, and so much more! We keep things moving smoothly, making all the necessary announcements clearly so your guests will know what is going on at all times. Understanding the crowd and playing the right music is crucial to the success of any event. There is an art to playing the right song at the right time, an art that our company has mastered. Every crowd is different and deciding what to play and when is an essential skill that our experienced DJs will provide.

We handle all the details before and during your event, so you as well as your guests can rest assure that everything will run smoothly through out the duration. The difference between a quality, professional DJ and a lesser quality DJ who perhaps doesn't have enough experience, is that a quality DJ will work very hard to cooridnate the flow of your event with the other vendors/staff, and in most cases assumes the role of the "go-to person." With Delaware Valley Entertainment you will always deal with a true professional.

Delaware Valley Entertainment DJs maintain a deep knowledge of music from A to Z. Whether you aim for a roaring 20's themed birthday bash or a "get everyone on the dance floor" type of wedding, you can be sure that no matter what you want played, or not played, our DJs will go above and beyond to turn your vision into reality.

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Yes! You can afford a live band for your wedding!
East Coast Rivieras band